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I was looking for a 5 seater SUV and landed on this website. CarNDrive is an excellent website. It helped me choose my dream car. It has all the updated details and specs of all cars which made the whole process of picking a car easier.
- Ravi Menon
This website is every car enthusiast’s dream destination. Stunning pics of the car and detailed updated specs makes this my go-to website for all new car info. It has details of my favourite cars Bugatti, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce.
- Abhishek Singhania
My search for my dream car started a few months back when I started checking out Nissan 500. I used to check the CarnDrive website for the cars within my budget and type. After keeping a keen watch, I finally concluded that I would purchase a premium hatchback or compact sedan as my first car. Thank you Carndrive for helping me get the right Nissan SUV specs.
- Ashmita Das
I could find the right car through this website. It contains all the latest cars available on the market with detailed specs that helped me zero down the perfect car for me quickly. We ultimately bought a Nissan Magnite Petrol Manual version on 22nd August 2021.
This is a go-to website that helps one make informed car-buying decisions and comparisons. This website is a top vehicle search service to know all about cars and check out their details. If you are looking to buy SUV vehicles in India, this is your place to be.
- Anupama Reddy